The NOFX Upcycled Inner Tube Toiletry bag

The NOFX Upcycled Inner Tube Toiletry bag




Made from upcycled inner tube, this trendy travel toiletry bag offers style and durability. Inspired from the minimalistic trend, It is highlighted with thread that is crisscrossed to make interesting patterns on the outside of the bag. The handle on the side makes it convenient to carry. The material on the outer side is a sturdy black tyre tube whereas the inner lining is a made from black prachute fabric to keep all of your powders and liquids sealed.

This eco-friendly style statement is a storyteller, telling everybody it's journey and mission to save the world. 

Dimensions: 6'' x 13.5'' x 1.5''


Disclaimer: Product may or may not look identical to the one in photograph because every upcyled product is hand crafted by artisans.

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